Republican Party of Wilson County, Tennessee

Our Values

Core Values


The Wilson County Republican Party holds these core values and seeks to apply them in everything we undertake.

We proclaim:

That we are a nation under God who has created us all equal, and endowed us with the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that the outcome of such pursuit is not guaranteed, but dictated by the efforts and ability of each individual.

That since we are created with the right of liberty, we are free to use our individual abilities to pursue personal happiness and financial gain as long as we do not infringe upon the rights of others to do likewise.

That life is a sacred gift from God, it is to be valued and protected for all including the unborn; those with special needs, the poor, and the elderly.

That traditional marriage between one man and one woman forms the foundation of the family unit, which then becomes a supportive and stabilizing institution of our society. 

That we are responsible for our brothers and sisters, but only to the extent that our own conscience and ability dictate. Charity in any form shall not be forced upon the people by government.

That we free individuals give our consent to be governed as a republic by elected officials, thereby forming a government of law whose primary responsibility is to preserve and protect the God given rights of individuals.

That we have the right to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves, loved ones, and personal property from those who seek to do harm or deprive us of our individual liberty.

That the federal government should maintain and employ a strong national defense of our freedoms against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and that at all times negotiate from a position of strength, not weakness, in our continuing efforts toward peace and friendship.

That the federal government should defend Americans against any illegal entry into the country or any ideology which would openly defy the Constitution of the United States of America.

That Tennessee is a sovereign state and is the supreme governing entity of its population, and all powers not specifically granted to the Federal Government by the founding fathers in the Constitution are reserved to the state, or to the people.

That our government, local, state and federal, should exercise purposeful restraint and responsibility in taxing its citizens, spending its citizens' money, and regulating its citizens' free pursuit of capitalism. The government is accountable for maintaining sound money and a responsible economy.

That the Constitution of the United States of America, when read and applied with the original intent of the founding fathers, provides the structure for our free republic and the basis for these affirmations.

That it is the responsibility of the party, both members and officers alike, to keep watch on those we put in office, in order that they execute their duties on behalf of the people they represent and no other. It is further the responsibility of the party, members and officers alike, to work diligently to remove from office those who do not. 

We, the members of the Wilson County Republican Party Executive Committee, commit ourselves to uphold these core beliefs, and insofar as we are able, use these beliefs as a guide in all that we undertake to do and accomplish for the Wilson County Republican Party.